HTML Presentations

The links below will provide you skills in the ancient arts, but beware of the righteous path, for only the strongest wills can survive the perils of personal computing...

The Power of Vim

Gain insight into the ability to annoy your friends endlessly by telling them "No really, you can use Vim for everything!" Learn how to spend hours configuring your dotfiles in vain, as your custom configuration breaks constantly.

The Forest of Git

As described by Linus Torvalds himself in his first commit message "The information manager from hell". Git is a version control system that really is a joy to use, after you ascend out of hell.

The Rise of the Internet

The story of the beginnings of the internet and the languages that are still used today to build webpages. This is the first part of a two part series, focused on Tim's invention of HTML, Lie and Bos' invention of CSS, and most infamously, Brendan Eich's invention Mochascript

The Fall of the Internet

The story of the the evolution of a small scripting language that became the most popular programming language in the world. This part two of the internet series documents the history of the DOM API, JQuery's attempt to fix it's problems, and current frameworks' attempts to make Single Page Apps maintainable.

The Vault

Here are some of our past presentations, ones that we held onto at least. Click on a year and a month to see the available presentations.

You can also visit our youtube channel @akronlug

June ChatGPT
July Internet Rise
August Internet Fall
March FreeBSD Setup
April WireGuard VPN
July ZFS
August 6502 Breadboarding
January Intro to Python
February I.MX 6Quad Sabre
March Setting up Python
April Mini Computer - Micro:bit
May Terraform
June Drive Performance
July Packer
August Media Server on Linux
November Emulating a Commodore
December AWK